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This year, I've taken the decision to write a proper plan of action, which is here.

So far the rest of the website is undergoing maintenance, will be further updates
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Every year it seems we all make a list of targets for the following 12 months, it's no different for me, and like many people I never actually get round to completing my list. This year it will be different. The list will be fully achievable. I have spent quite a while thinking about where I want to be in 12 months time and what steps I must take to make this happen.



In 2015 I aim to have at least 1 album and 1 EP out on oblivioustoeverything.records, 1 EP out on DSOI Records, 3 more EPs out, and to make a return to live performance with a new approach.


In addition to this list, I will be working steadily on remixes and commission pieces throughout the year as and when they come up.


In depth breakdown by task...


Before I start getting complaints I need to say that I will continue to write and perform Drum n Bass.


I'm pretty sure that over time the comments will reveal the number of people who actually read all of what I post from those who will pick out what is a couple of paragraphs down and only read that.


I'll deal with these 5 EPs first, as they are going to be the workhorses of this year. First off is the #icanhazteleport EP, which has taken around a year longer than expected to complete, and is a DnB affair. The tracklisting has changed almost every couple of weeks, with my original intention being to include "Judgement Day" or "9.teen-thirty_09" but these tracks have never really felt right in the context of this EP. The final track list is "#icanhazteleport", "33", "Salex - Etheric Matter (abeZilla RMX)" and "Konstantin Koskov". For those who know my music quite well, you will see that this has a range of styles of DnB, ranging from an almost ambient 2step approach through to an aural assault that would send UN weapon inspectors into a frenzy. This EP is almost finished, with 3 of the 4 tracks in the post production stage while "33" is still undergoing the final stages of actual production, once complete this will be released through Dark Sound Of Innocence Records.

My second EP release of the year has the working title of '15/1', will be the first release on oblivioustoeverything.records (albeit with the Cat. No. OBLIV002)  and will be 4 or 5 tracks of completely new music, with current provisional tracks still in the early demo stages of production. The EP will be download only initially, but if there is enough demand, a limited run of physical copies will be made available.

Of the other 3 EPs I have planned, I am attempting to diversify my productions with other styles and genres, some of which I have produced before but lacked the confidence to release. For many years I have enjoyed deeper, more minimal/atmospheric/cinematic music (minimal here as opposed to the fairly cluttered nature of DnB); the music being released on Echodub and Erased Tapes being prime examples. One of my EPs this year will be in a similar style, with my own interpretation of it (think of the live version of "Hang On" as an example), not as a form of imitation, but because I feel that it is the right thing to do and I am trying to evolve it as a live performance style. I'm still unsure whether I should record the EP as a live performance, or whether to keep it as a studio piece. I'm leaning towards live pieces, but I can see how it goes, it could well end up as a mixture of both.

Another of the 3 EPs will be a drastic shift for me, many of the people who know me will testify that I listen to a fair amount of prog and post-rock, and it has long been an ambition of mine to make a release that reflects these more organic genres (and I took someone rubbishing computer produced music as a challenge). This will probably be the most challenging piece I will ever produce, and will showcase all of my skills as a producer. Nothing is set in stone yet but prepare yourselves for Godspeed You Black Emperor, Pram, 65daysofstatic, and Pink Floyd to be shaken together and spat out of my computer...

The third EP is as yet just a planned release, with no details and will probably be released in the late summer.


OBLIV001 - Gamblers Ruined My Life

As even the most casual fan will quickly realise, this album is my nemesis, with production started in 2007, an initial release scheduled for 2010/11, and after many revisions and rewrites 90% is ready for release, the other 10% will be soon.

For those who are unaware, this album is an album that is defined by the times in which it was made; 2007-2011, the years of credit crunches, double dip recessions, and what at times looked like the impending collapse of society and at times a feral human population. While it is difficult to produce an instrumental album which has meaning as social commentary, I believe I have done this with the atmosphere and tone of the whole album. It is an album of its time.

I have many plans for this album, firstly, I want it to be the first physical release on oblivioustoeverything.records, I also have in mind a release party for it where I perform the album in its entirety.

This is where I need to ask you, the loyal fans, for help. The download album will be getting released no matter what, but I would like CD and/or vinyl copies to be made, for this I will be starting a crowdfunding project, which will be started by a gig and culminate in the launch party for the album. All things going to plan, I will be able to sell a bucket load of vinyl copies which will fund further releases and improvements to the live shows. You can still get involved, I am looking for people to be a part of team Zilla, if you have experience in video photography/editing, PR, or are generally a passionate person then you can help, even if you can just hand out the odd poster or flyer to people, then get in touch: jointeamzilla@abezilla.com, on Facebook, or in person


Musically I am working on the principle that the above is just a minimum of what I will be doing this year, as I'm also looking to get back into live performance.

I'm looking at not only new ways to produce music, but also more ways to perform my music live, and I will be road testing these methods at open mic nights in and around Hull (I'll give you all a weeks notice so you can try to make it down) so feedback will be especially welcome. I'm aiming to play at several feature gigs and festivals this year, so this will all be part of my training.


I mentioned above about remixes and commission work, and obviously I cannot plan for these because of their nature, but they will take preference as and when opportunities occur.


oblivioustoeverything.com, .records, .dot...


The websites, oblivioustoeverything.com and abeZilla.com are currently being completely overhauled (by me) and will be re-instated piece by piece. I shall run through them both separately as they will be separate entities (despite what my hosting company may think), and I have different "ideals" for both.


this will be the abeZilla page (as you might expect), with everything you'd expect from a musician page: gig guide, discography, downloads, social networking integration. I have made a conscious decision to keep the blog, downloads and merchandise hosted on the label page (I'm pretty certain that I'm not going to drop myself off the label) as having one site integration is a lot easier than across multiple domains.


This site will be not only a record label page but also a music production resource which I want to be a "go to" page on the internet. Featuring spotlight pages on all label artists, full calendar of events, downloads, merchandise, blog, production resource, and a login area for exclusive stuff (downloads, pre-releases...). The blog is and has always been sundaylunch, and resides at sundaylunch.oblivioustoeverything.com where it will become a discussion as well as a list of bizarre ramblings by myself.


...and finally

Some rough dates for you to think about


Feb - Website completion

Feb?? - #icanhazteleport EP

March - EP1 OBLIV002

May - EP2

May - Springboard Festival

May - June Crowdfunding project for GRML

July - EP3

August - Humber St Sesh

August - GRML release

October - EP4


Obviously I'll keep you informed about any changes or additions to these, and about how you can get involved.













If you show love to these accounts, let me know using #abeZillaVs2015 or by message on Soundcloud/reverbnation, and you'll get yourselves a free download. If you're ahead of the game and a fan already simply make it known, lets get #abeZillaVs2015 moving

Thanks for getting this far, hope your 2015 is awesome